You can currently buy ndau (XND) on the BitMart exchange. It’s only available for purchase using Tether (USDT).

If you’re unfamiliar with BitMart, be sure to go through this new user tutorial before proceeding any further.

Since you can’t use a credit card or fiat to directly purchase ndau (XND) on BitMart, you’ll first need to purchase some Bitcoin (BTC). Then you’ll need to use that Bitcoin (BTC) to purchase some Tether (USDT), which you’ll then use to purchase ndau (XND).

Don’t worry if that sounds confusing. Below is a step-by-step walk-through with helpful links:

  1. Install the ndau Wallet app.

  2. Register an account on BitMart.

  3. If you already own some Bitcoin (BTC), deposit it into your BitMart exchange account. If you don’t own any Bitcoin (BTC), you can use your credit card to buy Bitcoin (BTC) directly on BitMart.

  4. Buy Tether (USDT) with your Bitcoin (BTC).
    – use the BTC/USDT trading pair

  5. Buy ndau (XND) with your Tether (USDT).
    – use the XND/USDT trading pair

  6. Withdraw your ndau from BitMart into an account in your ndau Wallet app.

Why withdraw your ndau? Well, for many security reasons, it’s generally a good idea to keep any cryptocurrency you own in your own private wallet.  

And a unique feature of ndau called EAI lets you earn additional ndau whenever you are holding ndau in an account in your ndau Wallet app.  For example, you could be earning +13% ndau on 1-year locked account in your wallet.

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